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Welcome to Bawse With a Cause!

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Welcome to the first ever digital platform and podcast devoted to profiling nonprofit executives of color who do amazing work in the nonprofit sector. The #BAWSEWITHACAUSE podcast features regular interviews with some of the most influential leaders in the field. Useful industry insights, managerial how-to's, and personal stories of leadership challenges and triumphs make #BAWSEWITHACAUSE a go-to resource for any professional working in the sector. #BAWSEWITHACAUSE adds visceral texture and relief to the changing faces of leadership and philanthropy in our industry.

Leaders heard on the podcast will also share their successes and aspirations for advancing opportunities for aspiring black and brown nonprofit professionals and growing the practice of diversity and inclusion in the social realm.

#BAWSEWITHACAUSE founder/host Naimah Bilal has over 15 years of experience as a manager in the nonprofit realm having led significant artistic and fund development initiatives for organizations in the performing arts and education industries. #BAWSEWITHACAUSE is her love letter -in podcast form- lifting up aspiring and seasoned nonprofit professionals of all backgrounds who work everyday to advance the public good.

Naimah Bilal, Bawse With a Cause Founder/Host

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