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BWAC S2E7 - Music. Cities. Equity

Urban Consulate: Music. Equity. Cities.

Creative incubators & accelerators are emerging in cities across the U.S. to support artists and build more equitable ecosystems for the future. In this cross-city conversation, we cover a broad range of topics including how Covid-19 has impacted artists of color, what anti-racist policies are being applied to music accelerator work, how the sustained struggle to dismantle white supremacy making this work more pressing,  and what our experts want to see as the culminating impact of their work.  This discussion was originally planned as a panel as part of the SXSW Festival and was canceled due to Covid-19. We re-booted this convo virtually via Facebook Live and garnered nearly 1,000 video views since our broadcast yesterday. Many thanks to our amazing panelists, Urban Consulate, Amplify Philly, Afrochine Productions, and the Anne and Ralph V. Haile/US Bank Foundation for their unending support. 

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