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BWAC S2E4- Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza - Decolonizing Nonprofits: A Primer

George Floyd - Breonna Taylor - Ahmaud Arbery - Sandra Bland - Tamir Rice - Trayvon Martin - Eric Garner - Akai Gurley - Freddie Gray - Stephon Clark - Botham Jean - Atiana Jefferson - Michael Brown - Philando Castile My heart cracks open with grief to say your names. The act of speaking your names out loud has become prayer. Prayers I imagine reach into the imperceivable place where you all rest in power with the ancestors.

As we find ourselves managing the surf and wipe-out from waves of sadness and pain, the many words exchanged in this podcast may wade into deep water but it may also leave you a little lighter, a little more curious, and hopeful. Months ago, Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza, gave me a masterclass in how we can begin to ensure that #BlackLivesMatter in all spaces- around our world and within the nonprofit organizations we devote ourselves to. Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza is a young movement journalist and creative nonfiction student. Neesha grew up having a deep connection to books and it comes as no surprise that she would go on to become a skilled and talented writer of creative nonfiction. A regular contributor to national publications, Neesha also happens to have authored a brilliant conceptual framework to help nonprofits begin to apply the theoretical principles of decolonization to their work. In this episode, Neesha gives us a high-level view of her decolonizing framework, shares her ideas about the intersectionality of being a black queer feminist, and she shares her views on how POC can identify and leverage our privileges to advance equity and dialogue about unity. We also wade into pop culture territory as we discuss the merits and pitfalls around celebrity activists.

Connect with Neesha here: @womanistbae

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