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BWAC 07: Deron Hall’s Frank Takes on Realizing Your Dreams, Problem Solving, and Moving in Love

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

This episode was, as my good friend Quanita Roberson would say, “Deep, Fun, and Easy”. I encourage you to listen to the end as the esteemed Deron Hall shares insights that serve as chicken soup for the nonprofit soul, wrapped up in some good old-fashioned, no holds barred truth-telling which serves to buoy your spirit. Oh- if you’re uncomfortable with colorful language you may which to skip to the next episode because Mr. Hall brings his 100% “REAL” and he lends a distinctly barbed character to some of his big ideas. 

Deron Hall is a business strategy expert, arts impresario, and community development expert. His expertise spans the non and for-profit world so he is able to draw upon a well of experiences which he offers up in spades.

Deron’s early training as a musician would give him the skill to realize big dreams through hard work. I love the analogies he uses to describe how a musician must identify their own technical shortcomings and move forward to realize their goals of artistic mastery.

He talks about his devotion to the idea of giving tools to brilliant but underestimated entrepreneurs to help them realize their business goals through his newest business venture CoPilot strategies- a fully integrated life and business strategy system.

We talk about how nonprofits who serve young people can include the voices of young people at the table- by engaging and asking. The conversation takes a refreshing and reenergizing turn when Deron shares his practical ideas for how he centers himself in his life, how he derives joy and meaning- “What does love look like in the morning for you? What does love look like at 6:00 pm?” are some of the questions he wants us all to create more consciousness around. 

We wring our hands about scant resources put into equity efforts across sectors. And it’s because of the modest investments into these movements that Deron shares the unconventional idea that the DE&I efforts we see play out in modern institutions are mere distractions from the real work of advancing equity. We try to answer the question- is having a black and or brown employee in a prominent role a real catalyst to change the game? We disagree on the answer but you’ll have to listen to find out more!

Overall, this conversation was soul and mind-stretching and Deron invited me out of some conceptual confines that helped me add some philosophical rigor to my own perceptions of the true meaning of equity, inclusion, and ultimately, how we engage to realize the benefits of the work.

Again, listen to the end. You’ll be rewarded as he shares some of the most profound inspirational words to live by that I’ve come across in some time. Enjoy.

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