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BWAC 04: Abdullah Powell and Jamie-Lee Morris at Elementz- Igniting Bright Futures Through Hip-Hop

In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two Cincinnati creative leaders Abdullah Powell (Creative Director) and Jamie-Lee Morris (Educational Program Director) of Elementz, the country's first and only urban arts center offering professional instruction in urban dance, spoken word (poetry), stepping, urban photography, music production and video production. In all of these formats, youth are encouraged to express themselves and communicate to an audience through word, music, movement and visual representation.

In addition to learning about Abdullah and Jamie-Lee's personal journeys to the world of hip-hop arts education, we learn about the evolution of this creative enterprise in our city from a center first designed to keep youth meaningfully connected to art which resonated with them to a powerful artistic organization which is now a touchstone for youth engagement in our city. We also talk about the immense role Elementz is playing in creating more equitable optics within the art scene and how their programs including Louder Than a Bomb and Creative futures has helped play a role in further cementing hip-hop as a rich, relevant, and powerful art form.

At around 46:00 you'll begin to hear the bass drop in the production studio which was adjacent to where we were. Hope it gives you a little taste of the incredible creative energy Cincinnati youth cultivate at Elementz- it's truly a joy to witness. Please be sure to click the links below to learn more about Elementz and their great programs as well as the work of Abdullah Powell and Jamie-Lee Morris.

Elementz Urban Arts Center Abdullah Powell's Music Site Louder Than A Bomb Thrive Concert Series

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Intro Music Credit Music Title: A City Called Heaven Composer: Courtney Bryan You Can find this and other works by Courtney on iTunes

Bawse Action and Outro Music Credit Music Title: It's On Composer/Producer: Abdullah Powell

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