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Bawse With A Cause- EPISODE 1 - Stanford Thompson

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Stanford Thompson- Leading Transformational Change Through the Power of Music

Welcome to our very first Bawse With A Cause podcast episode! In this episode, BWAC host and Creator Naimah Bilal speaks with Stanford Thompson, Founder and Executive Director of Play On Philly! and Board Chair of El Sistema USA. Among many additional topics, we hear about Stanford’s unique transition from a career as a world-class classical trumpet player to one of the most impact driven and visible leaders in the performing arts world today.

After graduating with a degree in trumpet performance from the Curtis Institute of Music (America’s most selective collegiate institution), Stanford made a decision to devote his entire career to the pursuit of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in the music realm. Since then he has positioned Play on Philly! to become one of the largest and most effective after-school music programs driving social change in the country.

In addition to talking about his rich musical background, Stanford also shares great insights regarding how he has leveraged his organization’s uniqueness to attract funding, how he’s quantifying the social impact of his programs using sophisticated scientific tools,  his definition of equity and the key role it plays to advance organizational growth, as well as what organizations should consider as they approach applying a D&I lens to their work. 

Music: A City Called Heaven Composer: Courtney Bryan You can find this and other works by Courtney Bryan on iTunes

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